Release Notes - Forge - Version 2.15.2.Final - HTML format


  • [FORGE-2249] - Support InputComponent.getNote() in NetBeans
  • [FORGE-2275] - Refactor the Java EE Tests with new @AddonDependency
  • [FORGE-2286] - Shell does not log validation exceptions

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-1751] - Support Wildcards for package and class names
  • [FORGE-2287] - Support injection of UIContextProvider


  • [FORGE-2289] - [ERROR] Non-resolvable import POM: Could not find artifact org.jboss.forge:forge-bom:pom:2.15.2.Final in redhat-techpreview-all-repository ( @ line 16, column 19

Component Upgrade


  • [FORGE-2228] - Cannot create a method on a Java Interface
  • [FORGE-2273] - MavenFacet - Write properties sorted A..Z

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