Release Notes - Forge - Version 2.0.0.Alpha9 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-1057] - AddonRegistry should return Imported<?> type instead of Set<ExportedInstance<?>>
  • [FORGE-1058] - Should be able to @Inject Imported<ServiceType>


  • [FORGE-1052] - InputComponents created by InputComponentFactory does not install required HintsFacet
  • [FORGE-1059] - CLAC fails to properly intercept method calls to Iterable.iterator()
  • [FORGE-1062] - Proxying should not be required for primitive array types
  • [FORGE-1063] - CLAC does not properly include result supertype when return type is interface.


  • [FORGE-1051] - Introduce ProjectFactory.containsProject for performance

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