Release Notes - Forge - Version 1.0.0.Beta4 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-207] - Create a "Test" plugin to execute test build/test step
  • [FORGE-216] - add an option to provide external templates for the metawidget scaffolding plugin
  • [FORGE-222] - Add Info About Executed Command to ExecutedCommand Event
  • [FORGE-230] - NewProjectPlugin should prompt to add project as sub-module if creating project in a sub-directory of an existing project
  • [FORGE-260] - Run a script from a (non-local) URL
  • [FORGE-272] - NPE when runing "plugins new-plugin"
  • [FORGE-299] - Need to run scaffold setup before scaffold from-entity
  • [FORGE-325] - Basic Web Project
  • [FORGE-370] -
  • [FORGE-371] - Method.getReturnType does not return fully qualified name
  • [FORGE-374] - CompiledTemplateResource should allow access to CompiledTemplate
  • [FORGE-377] - Make setup command accept multiple plugins
  • [FORGE-381] - Add forge version command
  • [FORGE-388] - Better support for multi-modules projects in FORGE
  • [FORGE-389] - Property creation needs to update toString
  • [FORGE-394] - Attach the Actual Option Values to the CommandExecuted Event
  • [FORGE-398] - PersistencePlugin does not generate Cascade
  • [FORGE-399] - Provide project and global settings API


  • [FORGE-14] - forge install-plugin fails with ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.cli.UnrecognizedOptionException
  • [FORGE-89] - Forge Core Shell and Maven Facet Test failures
  • [FORGE-94] - Installing plugin hibernate-tools cause log4j failure due to class loader conflict
  • [FORGE-109] - Test harness does not function consistently with actual terminal behavior
  • [FORGE-365] - forge:list-plugins "no such command"
  • [FORGE-366] - new-plugin command throws a NPE
  • [FORGE-373] - remove-plugin is always successful (it "lies")
  • [FORGE-375] - There is invalid check in RestPlugin install method
  • [FORGE-384] - Use dependency management and BOMs not direct manipulation of dependencies
  • [FORGE-395] - Fix Broken JavaClassTest on Windows
  • [FORGE-400] - Build and Run Problems on Different Platforms
  • [FORGE-401] - PersistencePlugin should not initialize default value for @ManyToOne
  • [FORGE-402] - Forge scaffold cannot handle fields with names beginning with an uppercase letter
  • [FORGE-403] - Compilation error with javac in scaffold faces
  • [FORGE-404] - Cannot scaffold for entities with DATE fields


  • [FORGE-336] - Add Unit Test for SEAMFORGE-348


  • [FORGE-114] - Common methods in scaffold controller bean should abstracted to a supper class
  • [FORGE-135] - All prompts accepting a default must display the default value when prompting
  • [FORGE-137] - Add explode and deploy goals to pom.xml during scaffold generation
  • [FORGE-141] - Declare FacesServlet and mapping
  • [FORGE-159] - Plugins plugin should have a command to create a new blank forge test-harness class
  • [FORGE-178] - Project.hasAllFacets should accept a collection and a varags overload would also be nice
  • [FORGE-357] - Servlet plugin installs too many files
  • [FORGE-359] - Generated REST endpoints should support full CRUD operations
  • [FORGE-361] - Forge should re-load Java files before saving them (Entities with changes are overwritten)
  • [FORGE-386] - PersistencePlugin needs to generate hashCode and equals based on Id
  • [FORGE-387] - needs getGenericReturnType (or equivalent)
  • [FORGE-396] - PersistencePlugin does not generate generics information on getters and setters
  • [FORGE-397] - PersistencePlugin does not mark one side of a OneToOne as 'mappedBy'

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