Release Notes - Artificer - Version 1.0.0.Final - HTML format


  • [ARTIF-731] - Add 'trashed' to most artifact DB indexes
  • [ARTIF-733] - Improve expansion/derivation relationship lookups
  • [ARTIF-746] - CLI: GetContentCommand's output file should be optional

Feature Request

  • [ARTIF-728] - Add upload endpoint that takes a local file path


  • [ARTIF-734] - Adding Ontology does not show up in the list
  • [ARTIF-735] - Archive uploads do not create JMS events
  • [ARTIF-737] - Execute batch persist in single transaction
  • [ARTIF-744] - CLI: GetContentCommand's --help doesn't work
  • [ARTIF-745] - CLI: GetContentCommand won't overwrite an existing file
  • [ARTIF-747] - CLI: StatusCommand missing i18n values
  • [ARTIF-749] - HibernateAuditor fails to handle property/classifier updates

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