Release Notes - Artificer - Version 1.1.0.Final - HTML format


  • [ARTIF-225] - CLI Query: option to print the next page in a query
  • [ARTIF-518] - dev-server 404's the UI root context

Feature Request

  • [ARTIF-140] - Create unit tests for shell commands
  • [ARTIF-465] - Investigate alternative methods for relationship resolution and reduced duplication
  • [ARTIF-467] - UI: relationship visualizations
  • [ARTIF-571] - Support stored queries in UI
  • [ARTIF-575] - Support stored query templates/parameter-substitution
  • [ARTIF-671] - Add relationships filter to UI artifacts view
  • [ARTIF-672] - UI: Edit Ontology dialog for entire ontology
  • [ARTIF-676] - Integrate Patternfly into the web UI
  • [ARTIF-679] - Complete the auditing capabilities
  • [ARTIF-681] - Versioning support
  • [ARTIF-694] - Create a new data model
  • [ARTIF-742] - Implement Liquibase strategy for DDL upgrades


  • [ARTIF-761] - Set the max allowed packet for mysql



  • [ARTIF-682] - Display multiple versions of an artifact through the web UI
  • [ARTIF-740] - Automatically create "deployment" artifacts from Fabric8 events
  • [ARTIF-741] - Automatically create "deployment" artifacts from Wildfly events (DMR or MBean)

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