Release Notes - Artificer - Version 0.7.0.Final - HTML format


  • [ARTIF-531] - Consider moving ZipToSrampArchiveRegistry/ZipToSrampArchive use server-side
  • [ARTIF-541] - Tighten the restrictions on artifact content updates
  • [ARTIF-609] - Create a new ArtifactBuilder concept
  • [ARTIF-626] - Trim down the size of s-ramp-client's transitive dependencies

Feature Request

  • [ARTIF-466] - Better utilize batch mode for relationship resolution
  • [ARTIF-580] - Server-side autodetection of artifact types


  • [ARTIF-546] - Remove the ability to download XML metadata from UI
  • [ARTIF-586] - Empty custom property query not quite working
  • [ARTIF-587] - Not possible to add a property with no value via S-RAMP CLI
  • [ARTIF-591] - Default EAP 6.3 Installation throws ERROR:Naming context is read-only
  • [ARTIF-592] - Credentials and server url are hardcoded in s-ramp tests
  • [ARTIF-594] - s-ramp:getMetaData command returns npe
  • [ARTIF-605] - Remove binaries from SwitchYard integration test
  • [ARTIF-606] - Unable to use update custom metadata using REST call
  • [ARTIF-607] - Hardcoded connection factory jndi name in JMSEventProducer
  • [ARTIF-608] - SimpleTypeDeclaration/ComplexTypeDeclaration queries incorrect
  • [ARTIF-622] - Relationship.getOtherAttributes() should be persisted and queryable


  • [ARTIF-86] - Add support for Derived Artifacts
  • [ARTIF-90] - Support for Relationships
  • [ARTIF-562] - Convert S-RAMP UI errai services to jax-rs endpoints
  • [ARTIF-620] - Deprecate Fuse and Jetty support


  • [ARTIF-112] - Set href on all relationships in Atom layer
  • [ARTIF-167] - Add support for the logical models defined in the S-RAMP spec (SOA, ServiceImpl, etc)
  • [ARTIF-547] - Support derived relationships
  • [ARTIF-549] - Generic property and relationship type names duplication checks
  • [ARTIF-590] - StoredQueryWorkspace must include all available queries in its app:collection
  • [ARTIF-595] - Support content encoding value on atom:content
  • [ARTIF-596] - Set urn:x-s-ramp:2013:kind atom category
  • [ARTIF-598] - Improve error condition handling and map to applicable HTTP response codes
  • [ARTIF-601] - Support deleting an artifact's content
  • [ARTIF-611] - Derived relationships should not be editable by clients

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