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  • [ARTIF-503] - Create JBoss EAP 6.3 integration test
  • [ARTIF-510] - Fully audit the S-RAMP Maven structure and dependencies
  • [ARTIF-542] - If a SNAPSHOT artifact does not include a timestamp, have DeployCommand generate it
  • [ARTIF-545] - Provide ability to delete ontology via UI
  • [ARTIF-561] - Support Fuse JMS
  • [ARTIF-566] - Remove Fuse from installer and replace with new Karaf commands
  • [ARTIF-569] - Create maven plugin to merge .properties files
  • [ARTIF-570] - Improve s-ramp commands for Fuse/Fabric
  • [ARTIF-578] - Fuse Fabric commands refactoring

Feature Request

  • [ARTIF-418] - Shell tab completion for archive commands
  • [ARTIF-431] - Arquillian-based integration tests
  • [ARTIF-433] - Create a proper Event producer for s-ramp
  • [ARTIF-474] - CLI: Add a log-to-file option
  • [ARTIF-576] - Demo not working: s-ramp-demos-mvn-integration


  • [ARTIF-380] - Passwords in clear text when running in Fuse 6.1
  • [ARTIF-504] - Classifier filter UI label not updated on return to page
  • [ARTIF-535] - Correct JCR trash path
  • [ARTIF-544] - SNAPSHOT artifacts can no longer be pulled from S-RAMP
  • [ARTIF-557] - "No artifacts found" shown erroneously when artifact type suggestion is clicked
  • [ARTIF-560] - Exception deployment on Fuse and Fuse Fabric
  • [ARTIF-564] - Fuse Deployment, Class Not found exception
  • [ARTIF-565] - Ontology download button is broken when using s-ramp-dev-server
  • [ARTIF-567] - Exception Integration Tests
  • [ARTIF-577] - s-ramp-demos-webapp-multimodule-web WAR fails to deploy in EAP
  • [ARTIF-585] - Use Karaf Commands to include UI Headers in the Fabric deployment
  • [ARTIF-588] - Fuse Fabric Karaf Command Encrypt Aes Password


  • [ARTIF-21] - Implement S-RAMP Query API
  • [ARTIF-413] - Audit uses of BND in POMs
  • [ARTIF-488] - Use the maven-bundle-plugin in WAR projects


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