Release Notes - CapeDwarf - Version 1.0.0.Beta5 - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [CAPEDWARF-163] - Fix Queue async task lease
  • [CAPEDWARF-164] - Support ImplicitTransactionManagementPolicy.AUTO tx policy
  • [CAPEDWARF-170] - Make TransportGuaranteeType configurable for admin console
  • [CAPEDWARF-174] - Must throw DatastoreNeedIndexException when query requires an explicitly defined index
  • [CAPEDWARF-175] - Allow for Users admin console auth
  • [CAPEDWARF-176] - Add Query field to Search Text in Admin console


  • [CAPEDWARF-67] - Projection queries should return multiple results for collection-valued properties
  • [CAPEDWARF-162] - Incrementing negative initial values is not implemented properly in MemcacheService
  • [CAPEDWARF-177] - Executing an empty text search query throws RuntimeException "Should never come here"



  • [CAPEDWARF-172] - Projection query results should be sorted according to index definition when query sorting is not explicitly defined
  • [CAPEDWARF-173] - Include required index definition xml when throwing DatastoreNeedIndexException

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