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Feature Request


  • [CAPEDWARF-127] - Update key range on manually set id
  • [CAPEDWARF-130] - PreparedQuery.countEntities() doesn't honor offset & limit
  • [CAPEDWARF-131] - "'max' pagination parameter less than 0" error when offset is greater than endCursor position
  • [CAPEDWARF-132] - Datastore service should throw IllegalStateException when working with a closed transaction
  • [CAPEDWARF-133] - Rollback doesn't work when entity is obtained through a query and then modified
  • [CAPEDWARF-134] - Must throw IllegalArgumentException when querying on KEY property with Key in wrong namespace
  • [CAPEDWARF-135] - Iterator returned by PreparedQuery.asIterator throws IOOBE instead of NoSuchElementException
  • [CAPEDWARF-137] - Do not compute max stack if not modified
  • [CAPEDWARF-142] - Log lines returned by LogService are not returned in the same order they were logged in
  • [CAPEDWARF-143] - LogQuery.startTimeMillis should not have any effect on what log lines are returned
  • [CAPEDWARF-144] - Deployment and runtime issues with GAE Shiro
  • [CAPEDWARF-147] - Bytecode rewriter chokes on astyanax/high-scale-lib
  • [CAPEDWARF-151] - When using a log4j logger and no, the default min log level is not INFO
  • [CAPEDWARF-153] - Byte array type queue parameters are not encoded properly
  • [CAPEDWARF-157] - MemcacheService does not handle the current namespace properly
  • [CAPEDWARF-158] - Log level set on a category is not honored



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