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  • [CAPEDWARF-87] - Incorrect handling of LogQuery.minLogLevel
  • [CAPEDWARF-89] - Make sure logLevel in AppLogLine matches actual level used when logging the message
  • [CAPEDWARF-90] - Log message should be formatted (parameter placeholders must be replaced with actual parameters)
  • [CAPEDWARF-91] - Querying logs by requestId
  • [CAPEDWARF-96] - Add missing properties to RequestLogs
  • [CAPEDWARF-98] - Queries with minLogLevel never return incomplete requests

Feature Request


  • [CAPEDWARF-94] - When log level is set to ALL in, Capedwarf's logging handler erroneously also receives log messages for org.infinispan
  • [CAPEDWARF-95] - Default version hostname should not start with "http://"
  • [CAPEDWARF-100] - HTTPRequest#setHeader, setPayload doesn't work
  • [CAPEDWARF-102] - Blobstore upload does not work
  • [CAPEDWARF-104] - GAE mediastore demo does not work
  • [CAPEDWARF-105] - No caped dwarf in non-root deployed app
  • [CAPEDWARF-108] - leaseTasks returns all items
  • [CAPEDWARF-111] - Tasks without a specific url are not delivered to /_ah/queue/<queueName>
  • [CAPEDWARF-112] - Push queue does not retry failed tasks
  • [CAPEDWARF-121] - LogQuery.startTimeMillis not handled properly
  • [CAPEDWARF-122] - RequestLogs.getResource() and .getCombined() should also include the queryString of the URL
  • [CAPEDWARF-123] - Objectify causes OutOfMemoryError
  • [CAPEDWARF-125] - TaskOptions.etaMillis and countdownMillis are not honored



  • [CAPEDWARF-109] - Disallow adding pull tasks to push queue and non-pull tasks to pull queue
  • [CAPEDWARF-120] - Reimplement pull task leasing

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