Release Notes - CapeDwarf - Version 1.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [CAPEDWARF-63] - Handle GAE env in listener, filter init
  • [CAPEDWARF-74] - Make sure environment System properties are set
  • [CAPEDWARF-75] - Dev Environment Login
  • [CAPEDWARF-78] - The current request's id should be exposed through an ApiProxy.Environment attribute
  • [CAPEDWARF-80] - Honor <threadsafe> tag in appengine-web.xml


  • [CAPEDWARF-60] - Log lines should always be stored in the empty namespace
  • [CAPEDWARF-64] - Admin datastore viewer displays "$cell" where property value is null
  • [CAPEDWARF-65] - Property values don't follow the same ordering rules as in GAE
  • [CAPEDWARF-70] - Projection queries should only return entities that actually contain the projected property
  • [CAPEDWARF-71] - NOT_EQUAL filter also returns entities that don't contain the property
  • [CAPEDWARF-76] - Some types of LogService queries fail with IllegalArgumentException
  • [CAPEDWARF-79] - User.userId and User.authDomain are not set
  • [CAPEDWARF-83] - Async tx handling should wait for other tx tasks to finish



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