Release Notes - CapeDwarf - Version 1.0.0.Beta1 - HTML format


Feature Request


  • [CAPEDWARF-3] - Storing an Entity with a property with null value throws an exception
  • [CAPEDWARF-4] - Ancestor key in queries is ignored
  • [CAPEDWARF-6] - Exception when running all tests
  • [CAPEDWARF-10] - Querying the datastore with filter "Entity.KEY_RESERVED_PROPERTY equals someKey" never returns any results
  • [CAPEDWARF-13] - Empty queries fail with exception
  • [CAPEDWARF-56] - Login is broken


  • [CAPEDWARF-1] - Merge CapeDwarf AS branch into AS upstream
  • [CAPEDWARF-5] - Change all tests so they are deployed as WARs and tested through arquillian's servlet protocol
  • [CAPEDWARF-7] - Handle DatastoreServiceConfig when creating new JBossDatastoreService
  • [CAPEDWARF-19] - Add support for Tasks PULL mode
  • [CAPEDWARF-21] - Use Executor from AS7
  • [CAPEDWARF-22] - Add initial Channel API support
  • [CAPEDWARF-23] - Fill Environment attributes
  • [CAPEDWARF-33] - Support DatastoreService config - timeout, etc
  • [CAPEDWARF-40] - Add download page to project site
  • [CAPEDWARF-44] - Run GAE API jar modification as part of the build
  • [CAPEDWARF-47] - Upgrade to SWR 2.0
  • [CAPEDWARF-55] - Move all Capedwarf servlets under /_ah/


  • [CAPEDWARF-2] - System properties set in appengine-web.xml should be exposed through System.getProperty()
  • [CAPEDWARF-27] - Logging should also log information about the request
  • [CAPEDWARF-30] - Add namespace validation to all getFooService(String namespace) methods

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