Release Notes - Application Server 7 - Version 7.0.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [AS7-143] - Upgrade JBossTS to version 4.14.0.Final
  • [AS7-1364] - Upgrade Infinispan to 5.0.0.CR8


  • [AS7-1248] - Presence of application.xml in .ear causes nested .sar deployment to be skipped from deployment
  • [AS7-1393] - Make Infinispan default 2nd level cache provider for hibernate

Feature Request

  • [AS7-144] - Flatten the deployment unit processor chain
  • [AS7-145] - Provide AS7 remote container
  • [AS7-146] - Enable SAAJ functionalities
  • [AS7-147] - when tab-completing the only possible node type return its children as candidates
  • [AS7-148] - Provide AS7 embedded container
  • [AS7-149] - Provide initial WS subsystem functionalities
  • [AS7-638] - Updated Filesystem deployment scanning
  • [AS7-1322] - Provide service for starting/stop a POJO WS endpoint
  • [AS7-1357] - JavaEE Application Deployment (JSR-88) support
  • [AS7-1426] - Provide injectable BundleContext in JNDI
  • [AS7-1438] - Add support for custom logging handlers


  • [AS7-121] - No way to apply a socket binding port offset to a standalone server
  • [AS7-122] - AS7 undeployment doesn't work properly for identically named deployments (with different content)
  • [AS7-123] - Problem during SM shutdown
  • [AS7-124] - AS7 build causes PermGen error in distro assembly
  • [AS7-125] - Undeploy does not remove the global naming service for that deployment
  • [AS7-126] - Service in START_FAILED state does not transition when mode is changed to REMOVE
  • [AS7-127] - Server fails to start if JAVA_HOME is not set
  • [AS7-128] - Inherited operations do not appear in read-resource-description and read-operation-names results
  • [AS7-129] - ServerDeploymentRepository not available on deployment activation
  • [AS7-130] - Close ProtocolServer's server socket on stop()
  • [AS7-131] - CLI address parsing is overly restrictive
  • [AS7-132] - serialization of SimpleServerDeploymentActionResult
  • [AS7-133] - Enforce uniqueness of a managed bean name in the deployment unit
  • [AS7-134] - Update Java EE API versions to Final releases
  • [AS7-135] - Extension-List MANIFEST attribute not honored during deployment of an EAR
  • [AS7-136] - @Resource on setters isn't processed corretly in ManagedBeanAnnotationProcessor
  • [AS7-137] - Parse issue with namespaces in web.xml
  • [AS7-138] - Arquillian embedded container return after partial server startup
  • [AS7-139] - Unload module for failed deployment
  • [AS7-140] - Unexpected null wiring for JAXBContext
  • [AS7-141] - Deployment fails with empty classpath manifest
  • [AS7-142] - Default interface for a socket binding should come via SocketBindingManagerService
  • [AS7-1101] - Parser error when processing security-identity/description ejb-jar.xml element
  • [AS7-1125] - Implement service-ref/wsdl-override parsing
  • [AS7-1149] - ASYNC logging logs nothing to the server.log
  • [AS7-1159] - Running commands from file in CLI without a connection fails with a hidden NullPointerException - Failed to execute batch: null
  • [AS7-1241] - Async logger without subhandler prevents server startup
  • [AS7-1265] - Infinispan cache containers registered using DefaultDomain JMX domain
  • [AS7-1266] - Infinispan caches should have jmx statistics enabled
  • [AS7-1269] - Injection via @EJB fails
  • [AS7-1275] - ClassNotFoundException When Restarting Node In Cluster with Distributable App Deployed
  • [AS7-1278] - CNFE for module javax.mail.api
  • [AS7-1289] - Unnecessary URL reconstruction in management console
  • [AS7-1313] - <distributable> web applications fail to deploy with the default configuration
  • [AS7-1344] - JGroups subsystem TimerSchedulerAdapter throws UOE when using timer-executor
  • [AS7-1346] - Adding RA fails
  • [AS7-1424] - Blueprint Container cannot obtain SchemaFactory
  • [AS7-1501] - Adding logging levels for specific logging categories deosn't seem to work on anything below INFO.
  • [AS7-1560] - resource-ref without a specific mapped name or lookup name leads to circular service dependency exception


  • [AS7-150] - start standalone as embedded from tests and expose deployment manager
  • [AS7-151] - Update bundled version of Maven in AS 7 from 3.0-beta-1 to 3.0.2
  • [AS7-152] - Update MSC version to 1.0.0.Beta5
  • [AS7-153] - Add JSF to AS7
  • [AS7-154] - Obtain ports that OSGi uses from SocketBinding
  • [AS7-155] - Provide TransactionManager & UserTransaction as OSGi services
  • [AS7-156] - All OSGi bundle install code paths must go through deployer chain
  • [AS7-157] - Delegate OSGi ConfigurationAdmin data storage to domain model
  • [AS7-158] - Rename <management> element to <management-interfaces> in both host.xml and standalone.xml
  • [AS7-159] - Provide JNDI InitialContext as OSGi service
  • [AS7-160] - Provide initial Arquillian integration
  • [AS7-161] - add removeModuleSpec(moduleId) to DeploymentModuleLoader
  • [AS7-162] - Clean up the max-threads attribute in managment socket config
  • [AS7-163] - ModelTypeValidator should do more sophisticated type evaluations
  • [AS7-164] - Upgrade to JBoss Modules 1.0.0.Beta12
  • [AS7-165] - There needs to be a way to cleanup after deployment processors in case a deployment failed
  • [AS7-166] - add read-children-types operation
  • [AS7-1250] - Wrap XAResource by default for datasources
  • [AS7-1316] - add output redirection for commands and operations
  • [AS7-1512] - Add license file to httpserver distribution
  • [AS7-1548] - Remove slf4j from the org.hibernate:main module as its not needed anymore
  • [AS7-1569] - Validate Security Domain Model for Security V1.0 Schema


  • [AS7-585] - Support for application.xml
  • [AS7-1623] - Add security schema v1.1 with the vault element

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