Release Notes - CDI Specification Issues - Version 1.1.EDR - HTML format


  • [CDI-41] - Improve clarity of decorators
  • [CDI-46] - Clarify in the specification that extensions do not require a beans.xml file
  • [CDI-56] - Clarify that scope types should not have members
  • [CDI-57] - Clarify that not all classes in a bean archive are bean classes
  • [CDI-64] - Clarify that the instance of EntityManager associated with a resource declaration is the same instance that would be injected using @PersistenceContext
  • [CDI-65] - Clarify that non-contextual stateful EJB references are not automatically destroyed by the container (the app must call the @Remove method explicitly)
  • [CDI-66] - Clarify that EJB and web service references are truly @Dependent scoped (instance per injection)
  • [CDI-67] - Clarify destruction of resources
  • [CDI-69] - Clarify that POST_ACTIVATE and PRE_PASSIVATE on InterceptorType are only for EJBs
  • [CDI-72] - Clarify what InjectionPoint should return when the injection point is Instance<>
  • [CDI-76] - JavaDocs regarding adding scopes are weak
  • [CDI-85] - Clarify use of "to" and "from" when refering to assignments in section 5.2.3
  • [CDI-111] - ValidationFactory -> ValidatorFactory
  • [CDI-140] - improve passivation capable bean validation for @Dependent scoped beans in 6.6.4
  • [CDI-153] - PassivationCapable producer method/field definition is ambiguous
  • [CDI-171] - Please enter in summary of changes from 1.0 to CDI specification 1.1

Feature Request

  • [CDI-14] - Add instance() method to BeanManager
  • [CDI-33] - fire ProcessAnnotatedType for AnnotatedTypes added via BBD.addAnnotatedType()
  • [CDI-73] - Specify that the BM should be available from the Servlet context for ease of access
  • [CDI-80] - Support conversations in Servlet
  • [CDI-86] - Support firing general purpose lifecycle events in Java EE environments
  • [CDI-92] - Allow injection of Bean object for a bean
  • [CDI-94] - Producer field initializers
  • [CDI-95] - Ability to obtain a container-created bean for a Producer or InjectionTarget or for an AnnotatedType
  • [CDI-96] - Ability to override attributes of a Bean
  • [CDI-97] - Ability to process modules
  • [CDI-98] - Ability to wrap the InjectionPoint
  • [CDI-102] - Support Injection of Servlet Contexts
  • [CDI-105] - Provide a means for portable extensions to access beans.xml files
  • [CDI-116] - Add programmatic API to manipulate XML metadata
  • [CDI-118] - Standardize deployment-related exception classes
  • [CDI-135] - Request parameter for terminating cid propagation
  • [CDI-145] - allow @Disposes methods also for producer fields


  • [CDI-2] - Interceptor bindings defined at method level should override those at the class level
  • [CDI-5] - 9.5.1 Around-Invoke Interceptor example have wrong signature
  • [CDI-7] - Section 10.2, bullet 3, first paragraph contradicts the rest of the section
  • [CDI-11] - cdi-api lists el-api as optional in pom, but is required by api
  • [CDI-12] - Specifically exclude methods inherited from java.lang.Object from the list of business method invocations
  • [CDI-28] - Abstract methods on decorators
  • [CDI-88] - Fix ProcessObserverMethod javadoc to match spec
  • [CDI-115] - Interceptor.intercept() must throw exceptions
  • [CDI-131] - Correct the signature of Interceptor.intercept() in the API
  • [CDI-134] - Typo in section 3.12.
  • [CDI-159] - overly strict final check on proxyable methods

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