Release Notes - Seam Faces - Version 3.0.1 - HTML format


  • [SEAMFACES-125] - Allow security restrictions to be applied at any of the lifecycle phases
  • [SEAMFACES-129] - Drop the viewAtRestrict method in favour of @RestrictAtView qualifiers.
  • [SEAMFACES-138] - Replace uses of Faces' Annotations with Solder's AnnotationInspector
  • [SEAMFACES-139] - Store any view parameters before logging in, and restore them after logging in

Feature Request

  • [SEAMFACES-31] - Provide support for URL-rewriting / Bookmarking
  • [SEAMFACES-43] - UIInputContainer should come with a standard implementation. (include example p:input from booking example)
  • [SEAMFACES-70] - Ability to configure the default value of faces-redirect
  • [SEAMFACES-115] - Add @ViewConfig annotations to support URL rewriting
  • [SEAMFACES-119] - Firing pre-login and post-login events
  • [SEAMFACES-121] - Support @FacesRedirect(true) in the @ViewConfig
  • [SEAMFACES-124] - Create section that explains how to setup JSF


  • [SEAMFACES-130] - Typos in documentation
  • [SEAMFACES-137] - UIViewAction javadoc incorrectly says the phase *cannot* be set explicitly
  • [SEAMFACES-183] - I cannot insert value expressions with the composite components property


  • [SEAMFACES-136] - Refactor the security related classes into a security package
  • [SEAMFACES-142] - Write the reference documentation for View Configuration

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