Release Notes - ModeShape - Version 3.0.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [MODE-1319] - Create Sequencer Node
  • [MODE-1340] - Convert WSDL sequencer to the new 3.0 sequencing API
  • [MODE-1341] - Convert XML sequencer to the new 3.0 sequencing API
  • [MODE-1343] - Convert ZIP sequencer to the new 3.0 sequencing API
  • [MODE-1382] - Create a Service for Each Repository Instance Defined by the Subsystem
  • [MODE-1390] - Update org.modeshape Module Dependency to Include Infinispan

Feature Request

  • [MODE-760] - ModeShape does not include "/jcr:system" content in query results


  • [MODE-1302] - PathNotFoundException when trying to retrieve version history for a node.
  • [MODE-1391] - The disk location for the binary store cannot be specified in the repository configuration
  • [MODE-1399] - Creating New RepositoryConfiguration Causes OoM Exception
  • [MODE-1400] - CND syntax errors not reported by registerNodeTypes()
  • [MODE-1401] - Checking in versionable node should make subgraph read-only
  • [MODE-1404] - NPE in org.modeshape.common.util.MimeTypeUtil.getDefaultMappings
  • [MODE-1411] - Dispatching events for the system workspace from a separate thread, corrupts the node caches
  • [MODE-1417] - REST client utility is not making 'nt:file' nodes versionable
  • [MODE-1418] - JCR-SQL2 CONTAINS() and Modeshape Search returning unexpected results
  • [MODE-1420] - Extra log warning messages when re-indexing content


  • [MODE-1365] - Migrate query support to ModeShape 3.0
  • [MODE-1378] - Incorporate improvements to our Maven usage
  • [MODE-1397] - Implement JCR Observation in 3.0
  • [MODE-1402] - Simplify the configuration for each sequencer in the repository configuration

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