Release Notes - CDI TCK - Version 1.1.0.Beta3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [CDITCK-8] - Use case based tests
  • [CDITCK-41] - Remove lib/ directories, and instead provide maven goal that will generate lib/
  • [CDITCK-260] - Implement tests for CDI-92
  • [CDITCK-288] - Remove tests for enum support
  • [CDITCK-293] - Look into the test suite time consumption


  • [CDITCK-222] - Typos in documentation
  • [CDITCK-294] - Fix deployment methods in Bean metadata tests
  • [CDITCK-295] - Built-in bean Principal cannot be decorated
  • [CDITCK-298] - Fix Servlet AsyncListener tests


  • [CDITCK-300] - Switch from number-based section ids to unique ids defined in the spec
  • [CDITCK-301] - Event type may contain a resolvable type variable
  • [CDITCK-302] - Update @WithAnnotations tests to consider annotations on superclasses
  • [CDITCK-303] - Remove ObserverMethod.notify(T event, Set<Annotation> qualifiers) test
  • [CDITCK-304] - Modify @WithAnnotations tests for meta-annotations
  • [CDITCK-306] - Remove ProcessModule.getAnnotatedTypes() test

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