Release Notes - CDI TCK - Version 1.1.0.Alpha2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [CDITCK-11] - Test more corner cases for specialization
  • [CDITCK-12] - Test injection of paramterized types, not just lookup via manager
  • [CDITCK-15] - Corner case tests for injecting into non-contextual EJBs
  • [CDITCK-63] - Test decorators and interceptors in other scopes than @Dependent
  • [CDITCK-235] - Add tests for BM injection into container event observers
  • [CDITCK-266] - Provide the porting package javadoc as part of the CDI TCK bundle
  • [CDITCK-268] - There should be some tests for decorating session beans


  • [CDITCK-212] - DestroyedInstanceReturnedByGetTest assumes that the application scope can be destroyed and then re-created
  • [CDITCK-219] - SessionContextTest.testSessionContextDestroyedWhenHttpSessionTimesOut uses too short of a sleep delay time
  • [CDITCK-220] - BuiltInBeansTest.testUserTransactionBean()
  • [CDITCK-223] - EnterpriseBeanLifecycleTest.testCreateSFSB

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