Release Notes - Weld - Version 5.0.0.Alpha1 - HTML format


  • [WELD-2605] - ClassPathBeanArchiveScanner should ignore or at most warn about non-existing class path entries
  • [WELD-2675] - WeldInvocationContext can return null when asked for interceptor bindings
  • [WELD-2684] - Proxy creation of JakartaEE HttpServletRequest fails in Tomcat with Java11+
  • [WELD-2687] - WeldInstance.Handle#get() behaves unexpectedly
  • [WELD-2693] - Beans created via BeanConfigurator have incorrectly handled destroy()


  • [WELD-2660] - Creating patches for WFLY with each release
  • [WELD-2677] - Weld 5 - change the default behavior of empty beans.xml
  • [WELD-2678] - Weld 5 - decide on how to include support for build compatible extensions
  • [WELD-2682] - Add BeanConfigurator.priority() as per CDI specification
  • [WELD-2685] - Implement Instance.Handle interface
  • [WELD-2686] - Removal of discovery mode changes based on version attribute presence
  • [WELD-2688] - Weld 5 - Allow declaration of priority on a stereotype
  • [WELD-2691] - Docs - enable source highlighting, remove build warnings
  • [WELD-2692] - Execute testsuite against WFLY with CDI for EE 10 and adapt it


  • [WELD-2690] - Replace usages of getParameterTypes().length with getParameterCount()

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