Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.1.5.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-2570] - WELD-ENV-000033 error using Tomcat 8+ in Eclipse
  • [WELD-2626] - Aggressively invoke setAttribute() when manipulating with conversation map in session
  • [WELD-2628] - AfterTypeDiscovery added alternative gets ineffective priority
  • [WELD-2631] - Cleanup leftover HttpSessionDestructionContext when starting new session context


  • [WELD-2624] - Fix setup of TCK 1.2 execution for Weld 3
  • [WELD-2625] - Correct JaCoCo TCK execution for Weld 3/4
  • [WELD-2629] - ConversationContextDestroyedOnSessionTimeoutTest goes against servlet spec expectations

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