Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.1.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2589] - javax.enterprise.inject.scan.implicit breaks bean archive scanning within classpath entries in JARs


  • [WELD-2557] - Not all events are fired
  • [WELD-2583] - Intercepted subclass should skip methods that have private/package private method params from different packages
  • [WELD-2585] - Race in AbstractConversationContext#getConversationIdGenerator() for BoundConversationContext
  • [WELD-2586] - CDI deployment fails when there are synthetic final methods in a class
  • [WELD-2590] - NullPointerException with "javax.enterprise.inject.scan.implicit" true and "" false
  • [WELD-2591] - BeansXmlStreamParser does not correctly handle namespaces
  • [WELD-2592] - SimpleServiceRegistry can be leaking services on BeanDeployment creation


  • [WELD-2587] - Update Jetty integration prior to Jetty-10 release

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