Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.5.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-2491] - Update patching profiles for Weld 3
  • [WELD-2495] - Review Weld examples and enable them on JDK 10+
  • [WELD-2504] - weld-core has dependency with java.desktop module when using JPMS

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2502] - Make Weld-SE StartMain more compatible with container execution


  • [WELD-2250] - WeldStartService failed to start: object is not an instance of declaring class
  • [WELD-2435] - Java 9 jigsaw - weld-servlet-core WeldProvider not in module
  • [WELD-2492] - NPE in BeanIdentifierIndex.getIndex due to race condition
  • [WELD-2494] - WeldResourceLoader.getClassLoader() will malfunction with JDK 9+ if ForkJoinPool is used
  • [WELD-2496] - org.jboss.weld.literal.BeforeDestroyedLiteral may fail to initialize with a security manager
  • [WELD-2498] - FastAnnotatedTypeLoader should not create SlimAnnotatedTypeContext for local and anonymous classes
  • [WELD-2499] - OSGi bundle does not optionally import org.apache.bcel
  • [WELD-2500] - ProbeObserver.isContainerEvent() does not recognize BeforeDestroyed qualifier
  • [WELD-2501] - Decorator that only overrides a method with default implementation not called when calling said method on the decorated bean.
  • [WELD-2506] - Intercepted private observer method throws IllegalAccessError if notified within invocation of another business method of the declaring bean
  • [WELD-2507] - Abstract package private class with public method is not intercepted
  • [WELD-2512] - cid not appended to action URLs if there is already a parameter with a name ending with "cid"
  • [WELD-2514] - Interceptor for overriden generic method is not invoked
  • [WELD-2515] - NullPointerException in BeansXmlParser.merge


  • [WELD-2509] - Update JBoss Classfilewriter to 1.2.3.Final
  • [WELD-2516] - Weld TS execution with JDK 11

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