Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.4.8.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-1130] - Weld does not call setAttribute for modified conversation and session scoped beans
  • [WELD-2473] - Weld SE crashes when org.jboss.weld.development=true
  • [WELD-2478] - Weld SE throws NPE when trying to intercept a method called by constructor
  • [WELD-2479] - List#remove(Object) does not work for lists returned by AfterTypeDiscovery
  • [WELD-2480] - Invalid license in Weld Probe JAR file
  • [WELD-2501] - Decorator that only overrides a method with default implementation not called when calling said method on the decorated bean.
  • [WELD-2506] - Intercepted private observer method throws IllegalAccessError if notified within invocation of another business method of the declaring bean
  • [WELD-2507] - Abstract package private class with public method is not intercepted
  • [WELD-2514] - Interceptor for overriden generic method is not invoked


  • [WELD-2531] - Backport WELD-2250 to 2.4 branch
  • [WELD-2532] - Backport WELD-2492 to 2.4 branch

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