Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.1.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1914] - Weld API - add a way to detect proxies and subclasses
  • [WELD-2386] - Allow to specify the bean discovery mode for synthetic bean archive
  • [WELD-2399] - WeldContainer - add convenient static method to return the current instance
  • [WELD-2412] - Consider adding WeldBeanConfigurator to API


  • [WELD-2273] - An abstract decorator class that extends a managed bean causes NPE
  • [WELD-2387] - BeanConfigurator.addBean without specified callback blows with NPE
  • [WELD-2390] - BeanManager.isStereotype() should not throw DefinitionException
  • [WELD-2392] - BeanDeploymentModules fallback not entirely correct
  • [WELD-2393] - Order of Portable Extension Events inconsistent with specification
  • [WELD-2395] - Fix Weld.PackInfo.equals() - only the first Package added through Weld.addPackages() methods consuming Package parameters is considered
  • [WELD-2402] - Weld attempts to proxy signed classes in the same package
  • [WELD-2405] - Subclassing intercepted component implementing interface with default method fails
  • [WELD-2471] - Revise Java 8 default methods support


  • [WELD-2396] - Remove org.jboss.weld.manager.BeanManagerImpl.childIds
  • [WELD-2397] - Automate generating of WildFly patches
  • [WELD-2398] - Environment should report if it is EE modules aware
  • [WELD-2406] - Add dependency on jboss-classfilewriter 1.2+ to Weld SE and Servlet poms
  • [WELD-2407] - Revise Java 8 default methods support
  • [WELD-2409] - Remove JSF stress test from integration test suite


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