Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [WELD-2330] - Improving DeferredEventNotification logging in case of failure
  • [WELD-2332] - Probe - monitor bean instance creation using AroundConstruct
  • [WELD-2333] - Enable to obtain InjectionPoint metadata from within BeanConfigurator#produceWith()
  • [WELD-2344] - Share proxy class for built-in beans of the same type

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2336] - Log info about important phases during bootstrap
  • [WELD-2343] - Do not include built-in session and conversation scoped beans in the bean identifier index


  • [WELD-2322] - BeanmanagerImpl.instance() takes 200 times longer as in Version 2.4
  • [WELD-2324] - ObserverMethodConfigurator.beanClass() should be preset to the extension class
  • [WELD-2328] - Proxies.getUnproxyableClassException() must also ignore wrapped NoSuchMethodException
  • [WELD-2331] - Misleading error message when Extension observer method is (wrongly) static
  • [WELD-2335] - InterceptionFactory used on interface causes NPE
  • [WELD-2337] - OSGI bundle exports need to export modules
  • [WELD-2338] - Revise the check of valid injection points for an extension observer method with observed type java.lang.Object and a qualifier other than @Any
  • [WELD-2340] - ContainerInitialized should be fired after the container is initialized and shutdown hook is registered
  • [WELD-2341] - InjectionPoint metadata not injected for dependent singleton session bean


  • [WELD-2318] - org.jboss.weld.probe package should be vetoed
  • [WELD-2319] - Probe - extend the bean archive detail info
  • [WELD-2323] - InstanceImpl - do not prefetch all resolved beans for Instance<Object> with no qualifiers
  • [WELD-2325] - Document "trimmed" bean archives
  • [WELD-2326] - WeldSEProvider should have higher priority than org.jboss.weld.environment.WeldProvider
  • [WELD-2342] - Probe - do not mark a bean as unused if only injected into an observer method or disposer method


  • [WELD-2302] - Wro4j maven plugin does not work with JDK 9

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