Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.3.5.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2172] - Probe - allow to test bean availability in a given bean archive


  • [WELD-2142] - Reference guide - interceptor/decorator enabled using both @Priority and beans.xml only invoked once in the @Priority part of the invocation chain
  • [WELD-2143] - Same CDI extension in multiple wars in ear only loaded once
  • [WELD-2144] - weld-servlet-core is missing dependency on weld-core-jsf
  • [WELD-2145] - Reference guide - fix incorrect artifact id for a shaded version of weld-servlet
  • [WELD-2146] - WELD-001904 is logged when setting the via Weld SE API
  • [WELD-2148] - Instance.destroy throws UnsupportedOperationException for SLSB
  • [WELD-2160] - Cannot initialize @ViewScoped bean with bean-discovery-mode="annotated"
  • [WELD-2161] - Fails to inject qualifier-annotated bean created by producer in embedded jetty
  • [WELD-2166] - UnsupportedOperationException during initialization if an interceptor enabled both for the application and for the synthetic bean archive
  • [WELD-2173] - Weld core don't include the license file
  • [WELD-2176] - Weld fails to call disposal method for instances created by static producer method/field
  • [WELD-2179] - @ApplicationScope bean with a decorator and a private method observer is invoked on the wrong object instance
  • [WELD-2180] - Built-in context activators should reside in a single package
  • [WELD-2185] - ArraySet.hashCode() breaks java.util.Set.hashCode() contract


  • [WELD-2158] - Reference guide - revise Weld SPI appendix
  • [WELD-2163] - Reference guide - document org.jboss.weld.configuration.spi.ExternalConfiguration
  • [WELD-2184] - Pass InternalEjbDescriptor.delegate() to all EjbServices methods


  • [WELD-2165] - Detect non-unique BeanDeploymentArchive/BeanManager identifier
  • [WELD-2168] - Use syntax highlighting for method signatures
  • [WELD-2169] - Docs: Enhance Multiple event qualifiers section
  • [WELD-2170] - Log veto actions performed by extensions
  • [WELD-2171] - Log modifications of lists returned by AfterTypeDiscovery
  • [WELD-2178] - Misleading error message during Weld bootstrap

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