Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha14 - HTML format


  • [WELD-2014] - org.jboss.weld.test.util.Utils#deserialize() should use TCCL
  • [WELD-2016] - Set more meaningful package version information in Manifest
  • [WELD-2017] - ThreadLocal leaks in Tomcat8 (org.jboss.weld.context.AbstractManagedContext.ManagedState)
  • [WELD-2018] - Weld-SE's shutdown hook fails to dispose of CDI managed objects
  • [WELD-2019] - Weld should ignore synthetic members
  • [WELD-2025] - weld-probe failed to display application context - json error
  • [WELD-2026] - Fix table formatting in chapter "Managing the built in contexts"
  • [WELD-2031] - Jetty Decorator use is wrong (documentation and code)
  • [WELD-2038] - JandexDiscoveryStrategy does not expect a BeanArchiveBuilder without index
  • [WELD-2043] - Private producer, disposer and observer methods are not intercepted
  • [WELD-2046] - Specialized bean gets @Default qualifier even if the parent class already has a different qualifier
  • [WELD-2052] - Conversations are destroyed too early when destroying a session
  • [WELD-2056] - Weld proxy handling with IBM java
  • [WELD-2059] - Remote EJB business method observer should fail with definition error
  • [WELD-2060] - WARNs about javax.ejb annotations in a pure SE environment
  • [WELD-2065] - Resource injection now generates NPE in SE mode
  • [WELD-2069] - RequestScopedCache not cleared for EjbRequestContext


  • [WELD-1876] - Probe - create functional tests for the default HTML client
  • [WELD-2033] - Document Weld SE bootstrap enhancements
  • [WELD-2049] - Implement changes wrt CDI-528
  • [WELD-2057] - Implement CDI-564 - async events clarification
  • [WELD-2063] - Missing validation for @ObservesAsync illegal usage


  • [WELD-1912] - Replace generated test archive names with hash of the test class FQCN
  • [WELD-2004] - org.jboss.weld.context.http.HttpConversationContext - add activate() method with initialization callback as a param
  • [WELD-2012] - Extend Probe integration tests to cover JMX support
  • [WELD-2013] - Probe should support blank spaces in search queries
  • [WELD-2027] - HttpServletRequest attribute 'org.jboss.weld.servlet.ConversationContextActivatorCONTEXT_ACTIVATED_IN_REQUEST' should be 'org.jboss.weld.servlet.ConversationContextActivator.CONTEXT_ACTIVATED_IN_REQUEST'
  • [WELD-2035] - Log a warning when the deprecated BeforeBeanDiscovery.addAnnotatedType(AnnotatedType<?>) method is used
  • [WELD-2044] - Allow to pass a ResourceLoader to be used for scanning in Weld SE
  • [WELD-2051] - Add option to deactivate shutdown hook in Weld SE
  • [WELD-2066] - ProbeLogger.developmentModeEnabled() should be more explicit about security and performance risks
  • [WELD-2067] - Allow to limit access to Probe REST API
  • [WELD-2070] - Implement JandexServletContextBeanArchiveHandler

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