Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha11 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1949] - Weld does not log a correct version when used in a fat jar
  • [WELD-1956] - Make it possible to pass a ClassLoader to be used for scanning in SE
  • [WELD-1961] - Make it easier to provide external ExecutorServices for bootstrap
  • [WELD-1974] - Export org.jboss.weld.xml

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1937] - Undertow - support injection into filters and listeners


  • [WELD-1945] - Interceptor bindings for lifecycle callbacks should be allowed on types only
  • [WELD-1971] - Missing validation of passivation capable injectionPoints which resolves to @Dependent producer which return unserializable object
  • [WELD-1972] - Interceptor proxy dependencies not exported
  • [WELD-1982] - WildFly8EEResourceManager in TCK runner is outdated for WildFly 10


  • [WELD-1821] - Revisit how @Initialized/@Destroyed events are fired for @ApplicationScoped
  • [WELD-1967] - Revisit weld-servlet integration tests
  • [WELD-1968] - Mark generated proxy classes and subclasses as synthetic
  • [WELD-1969] - @PersistenceContext injection point checks
  • [WELD-1973] - Probe - document integration

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