Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha9 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1859] - Document how to run Weld with embedded Servlet containers
  • [WELD-1916] - Make it possible for BeanDeployArchive to expose already-loaded classes

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1927] - Make it possible to pass Weld and WeldContainer to weld-servlet
  • [WELD-1935] - Undertow support
  • [WELD-1936] - Expose BeanBuilder in Weld builder
  • [WELD-1943] - BeanBuilder.produceConstant()
  • [WELD-1944] - BeanBuilder and types


  • [WELD-1932] - Unsynchronized iteration in AbstractNamingScheme causes ConcurrentModificationException
  • [WELD-1934] - weld-servlet-core has hard dependency on Jsp
  • [WELD-1941] - Name given to bean with @Named annotation is not the correct default if it begins with two or more capitals

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