Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha5 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1853] - Print member line on Definition/DeploymentException


  • [WELD-1852] - Invalid warning WELD-ENV-001004
  • [WELD-1857] - Weld bundle should export package
  • [WELD-1858] - Weld bundle is missing Specification-Version
  • [WELD-1862] - Invocation trees - unable to filter by intercepted bean class on WildFly
  • [WELD-1865] - Probe breaks Apache DeltaSpike


  • [WELD-1792] - Unsafe proxies
  • [WELD-1795] - Add builders for building custom beans
  • [WELD-1866] - Probe - add configuration property to allow to skip monitoring of certain events
  • [WELD-1867] - Probe Contexts - add support for @ConversationScoped and long-running conversations
  • [WELD-1869] - Probe - mention the related configuration properties in the reference guide


  • [WELD-1826] - Make sure Weld SE works fine in a fat jar
  • [WELD-1868] - Probe Invocation Trees - allow to search the whole trees, not only the entry points

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