Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1495] - use java ServiceLoader mechanism and/or system property to bootstrap spi
  • [WELD-1784] - Classes clean up - next round

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1769] - Make it possible to dump generated proxy class files for debugging
  • [WELD-1782] - Don't wrap resource producer field if the actual type is assignable to Serializable


  • [WELD-935] - Do not deploy shaded jars like weld-servlet (as a bad replacement for weld-servlet-core) because they break dependency conflict resolution and introduce classpath issues
  • [WELD-1758] - WeldApplicationFactory does not override getWrapped
  • [WELD-1766] - In some situations, client proxies cache custom scoped bean instances
  • [WELD-1771] - The ServletContainerInitializer will apply to all deployed webapps, even ones not using CDI
  • [WELD-1775] - Initialized(ConversationScoped) observers not called with lazy conversation context initialization
  • [WELD-1776] - ManagerObjectFactory getObjectInstance not working for Windows systems
  • [WELD-1778] - @ThreadScoped not recognized as a bean defining annotation when jandex-based discovery strategy is in use
  • [WELD-1779] - Unsafe proxies and custom scope cause NoSuchFieldException
  • [WELD-1785] - It should be possible to destroy a bean from within an interceptor


  • [WELD-1574] - Remove dependency on Google Guava
  • [WELD-1780] - Double invocation of interceptors/decorators enabled with @Priority and beans.xml
  • [WELD-1781] - Ged rid of activities
  • [WELD-1789] - Disable client proxy bypassing optimization by default


  • [WELD-1753] - Replace Guava - immutable collections
  • [WELD-1754] - Replace Guava - new collections types
  • [WELD-1755] - Replace Guava - collections utilities
  • [WELD-1756] - Replace Guava - caches
  • [WELD-1757] - Replace Guava - basic utilities

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