Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.2.2.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-1517] - Wrong shutdown order in Servlet listener, @Destroyed(ApplicationScoped.class) event not fired
  • [WELD-1607] - Unable to load current conversations from the associated request on Tomcat
  • [WELD-1615] - org.jboss.weld.environment.servlet.Listener crashes in GWT dev hosted mode
  • [WELD-1619] - Java SE (weld-se) With surefire threaded per/class (not method) fails after the first thread call to weld.shutdown()
  • [WELD-1627] - Weld ELResolver returns contextual reference (client proxy) instead of contextual instance
  • [WELD-1651] - Specialization of generic beans throws inappropriate exception
  • [WELD-1671] - Revise EventTypeAssignabilityRules
  • [WELD-1672] - Interceptor for generic bean is not invoked
  • [WELD-1674] - The id generated by URLScanner.getId(String) is not unique in case of directories
  • [WELD-1675] - Wrapped typeClosure not used for session beans
  • [WELD-1679] - Weld doesn't properly handle annotations for injection in Tomcat with unpackWars="false"
  • [WELD-1682] - BeanManager lookup fails with WELD-001328 when calling class is not a bean
  • [WELD-1685] - EjbServices should be a per-module/BDA service
  • [WELD-1689] - InjectionServices.aroundInject() called twice
  • [WELD-1690] - Conversation lock not unlocked when ending conversations
  • [WELD-1691] - SessionBean ID not unique
  • [WELD-1694] - Weld-Servlet JSF integration does not reuse the ExpressionFactory
  • [WELD-1695] - Fix Jetty bootstrap log message


  • [WELD-1678] - Make RegistrySingletonProvider the default SingletonProvider
  • [WELD-1688] - Make plugin versions overridable in the parent


  • [WELD-1661] - Consider possible code clean-up
  • [WELD-1673] - Deliver @Initialized ServletContext events sequentially

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