Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.2.1.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1649] - Add documentation for running Weld with Pax CDI


  • [WELD-841] - Incorrect assumption around BeanManager visibility of Beans in org.jboss.weld.tests.beanDeployment.managed.single.BootstrapTest
  • [WELD-1575] - @SessionScoped producers called multiple times in the same context in Java SE
  • [WELD-1601] - Lifecycle and session not initialized with portlets
  • [WELD-1660] - Registering alternative during AfterTypeDiscovery event fails with NPE
  • [WELD-1664] - ProxyFactory fails with Java 8 interface static method
  • [WELD-1666] - SessionBeanInterceptor never sets EjbRequestContext properly


  • [WELD-1648] - Use more robust strategy for dealing with Servlet includes/forwards.
  • [WELD-1653] - Add Groovy support to the Weld SE testsuite
  • [WELD-1659] - Optimize use of proxies for reference injection
  • [WELD-1663] - Add OSGi example
  • [WELD-1667] - Add support for EJB containers that use subclassing
  • [WELD-1668] - Remove strict check for interceptor bindings on @Interceptor

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