Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.1.2.Final - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [WELD-1569] - Warn when an extension has a non-static public field


  • [WELD-1559] - Weld eagerly reading the 'cid' parameter breaks Servlet specification compliance
  • [WELD-1564] - Memory leak caused by retained instances of BeanManagerImpl / WeldInterceptorClassMetadata
  • [WELD-1567] - Weld initial/terminal listener not documented properly
  • [WELD-1568] - ClassFormatError exception thrown when creating bean proxy on IBM J9 VM
  • [WELD-1571] - Proxy creation fails when a superclass does not have a no-arg constructor
  • [WELD-1572] - Validating interceptors of a bean which declares a passivating scope uses the bean's bean manager instead of interceptor's BM
  • [WELD-1579] - Weld-SE's shutdown hook fails to dispose of CDI managed objects
  • [WELD-1582] - Initial request to previously deployed application fails


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