Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.1.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1352] - Optimize StatelessSessionBeanInjector
  • [WELD-1380] - Use member indexes for AnnotatedMember serialization
  • [WELD-1475] - Add support for Pax CDI


  • [WELD-1316] - examples, "mvn jboss-as:run" ignores JBOSS_HOME
  • [WELD-1428] - Split OSGi bundle into an API bundle and implementation bundle
  • [WELD-1467] - Weld 2.0 breaks request character encoding
  • [WELD-1497] - Some modular specialization tests do not run and and also contain incorrect assertions.
  • [WELD-1498] - ClassCastException when proxied class return this
  • [WELD-1504] - javax.inject.Singleton beans not destroyed properly during shutdown


  • [WELD-1335] - Use AnnotatedType to read interception metadata
  • [WELD-1432] - Add instructions for running Weld examples on WildFly to readmes and docs
  • [WELD-1501] - Make WELD-1480 configurable from the application


  • [WELD-1477] - Review weld-osgi-bundle manifest headers

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