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Feature Request

  • [WELD-1434] - Expose SPI for fast detection of @Vetoed classes
  • [WELD-1523] - Expose SPI for fast detection of CDI-compliant classes
  • [WELD-1524] - Add SPI for fast resolution of PAT observer methods
  • [WELD-1527] - Warn if an extension uses inefficient PAT observers
  • [WELD-1569] - Warn when an extension has a non-static public field


  • [WELD-364] - Remote EJB methods should be able to observe
  • [WELD-1040] - Support Java Web Start
  • [WELD-1057] - One WELD's performance
  • [WELD-1513] - StackOverflowException from circular injection
  • [WELD-1525] - Functional tests of examples don't work in Jetty profile
  • [WELD-1533] - QualifiedNameExtension is incorrect
  • [WELD-1534] - Event qualifiers are lost during event propagation
  • [WELD-1537] - SerializableContextualFactory should return Bean implementations if appropriate
  • [WELD-1542] - An exception thrown while invoking a disposer method not caught
  • [WELD-1543] - Weld Servlet should remove duplicate entries when merging multiple beans.xml files
  • [WELD-1545] - NPE when Bootstrap.startContainer() is called after Bootstrap.shutdown()
  • [WELD-1547] - Unavoidable warnings in log when injecting unmanaged objects
  • [WELD-1548] - Bridge method may shadow inherited initializer method
  • [WELD-1550] - Interceptor creation fails when applied to a method on a class that extends JPanel (probably any swing component)
  • [WELD-1552] - InjectionPoint resolution not conform to CDI 1.1 spec
  • [WELD-1554] - Use different separator for annotated type identifiers
  • [WELD-1556] - org.jboss.weld.environment.tomcat7.WeldInstanceManager does not implement latest org.apache.tomcat.InstanceManager
  • [WELD-1557] - Interceptor methods not invoked correctly on session bean interceptors bound using bindings in case of subclassing
  • [WELD-1558] - Proxy naming conflict when using static nested classes with the same name and package.
  • [WELD-1559] - Weld eagerly reading the 'cid' parameter breaks Servlet specification compliance
  • [WELD-1560] - CustomCDIProviderTest based on incorrect assumption
  • [WELD-1564] - Memory leak caused by retained instances of BeanManagerImpl / WeldInterceptorClassMetadata
  • [WELD-1567] - Weld initial/terminal listener not documented properly
  • [WELD-1568] - ClassFormatError exception thrown when creating bean proxy on IBM J9 VM
  • [WELD-1571] - Proxy creation fails when a superclass does not have a no-arg constructor
  • [WELD-1572] - Validating interceptors of a bean which declares a passivating scope uses the bean's bean manager instead of interceptor's BM
  • [WELD-1579] - Weld-SE's shutdown hook fails to dispose of CDI managed objects
  • [WELD-1582] - Initial request to previously deployed application fails
  • [WELD-1583] - Confusing error message when an interceptor/decorator has a non-passivating dependency
  • [WELD-1586] - Ambiguous dependency not detected for (two) session beans with the same name
  • [WELD-1680] - Only one of two EJBs with equal class name gets discovered


  • [WELD-1185] - Cache methods within DefaultBytecodeMethodResolver
  • [WELD-1503] - Refactor metadata structures supporting bean interception
  • [WELD-1514] - Drop deployment services
  • [WELD-1531] - Document CDI Conversation Filter
  • [WELD-1532] - Create a groovy example
  • [WELD-1536] - Cross-BDA resolution should not be transitive
  • [WELD-1577] - Adding a JDK8 build for Weld
  • [WELD-1590] - Reduce bootstrap memory consumption
  • [WELD-1593] - Document ClassFileServices


  • [WELD-1530] - Document org.jboss.weld.resolution.cacheSize
  • [WELD-1540] - Misleading error message when an interceptor is not a bean
  • [WELD-1561] - Support Jetty 9.1
  • [WELD-1581] - ServletContainerInitializer implementation for booting Weld
  • [WELD-1585] - Improve ProfilingExecutorServices to display caller name

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