Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.0.0.Beta3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-30] - Include instructions in ref guide and readme's on how to run examples with GlassFish
  • [WELD-273] - Add GlassFish targets to example POMs
  • [WELD-843] - Documentation on how to implement a new scope
  • [WELD-899] - Docs: Add explicit beans.xml location to "20.1. Excluding classes from scanning and deployment"
  • [WELD-1298] - NullPointerException thrown when using beanManager.getReference(...) or getInstance(...) where the Producer method for the bean is expecting an InjectionPoint.


  • [WELD-746] - Observer inheritance should take into consideration EJB semantics
  • [WELD-898] - Docs: Weld Reference - 2.2.3. Producer methods example error - two types named "Random"
  • [WELD-1035] - ProcessInjectionTarget not fired for message driven bean
  • [WELD-1080] - Fix licence headers
  • [WELD-1125] - StackOverflowError: It is not possible to define producers in an arquillian unit test
  • [WELD-1176] - Incorrect statement of event observer behavior in Weld reference manual
  • [WELD-1177] - Built-in InjectionPoint bean not injected for stateless session bean
  • [WELD-1289] - BeanManager refuses to create an InjectionTarget for an abstract class
  • [WELD-1295] - weld-servlet broken


  • [WELD-376] - Callouts poorly formatted in HTML docs
  • [WELD-1259] - Make AnnotatedType IDs truly unique
  • [WELD-1260] - Review which container-provided beans support decoration
  • [WELD-1261] - Verify Broken/Ignored integration tests
  • [WELD-1285] - Review and update documentation
  • [WELD-1294] - Update example build files
  • [WELD-1301] - Drop support for ObserverMethod.notify(event, qualifiers)
  • [WELD-1303] - Upgrade to the latest ProcessModule signatures
  • [WELD-1305] - Expose bootstrap configuration through SPI


  • [WELD-1233] - Improve error message for passivating bean with a non-passivation-capable interceptor/decorator

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