Release Notes - Weld - Version 1.1.10.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-1145] - Unsatisfied dependencies for generic type arrays
  • [WELD-1175] - EAR with two CDI web archives will not deploy
  • [WELD-1178] - ConversationAwareViewHandler throws ContextNotActiveException
  • [WELD-1184] - SE Weld.getInstanceByType() ignores bindings argument
  • [WELD-1191] - Issues determining bean types
  • [WELD-1192] - NPE in Validator.validateBean() when bean annotated with @Typed
  • [WELD-1215] - Nested class within an invalid class causes deployment failure
  • [WELD-1217] - Missing resource bundle entry causes exception during logging.
  • [WELD-1219] - Instance usage in SE is always filtered by @Default
  • [WELD-1221] - NPE in LockStore.lock
  • [WELD-1222] - jboss-tck-runner tests not running
  • [WELD-1223] - Exception thrown through decorator chain not unwrapped


  • [WELD-1220] - NPE in InterceptorBindingType.unwrap when using seam-security-3.1.0.Final

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