Release Notes - Weld - Version 1.1.4.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-1017] - Validator: The exception "WELD-001410 The injection point ... has non-proxyable dependencies" must chain the inner exception that clearly explains why it is not proxyable.


  • [WELD-617] - Can not find beans when deploying compressed Archive to Tomcat
  • [WELD-802] - Specialization of Beans registered through portable extension does not work.
  • [WELD-842] - Event injection via constructor injection results in stacktrace.
  • [WELD-892] - Calling session-scoped components from session initialized observer goes into infinite loop
  • [WELD-904] - Observer method inheritance broken
  • [WELD-912] - Specializing beans in different bean archives does not work
  • [WELD-973] - @Specializes is not compatible with seam-config because of a problem in weld's BeanDeployerEnvironment
  • [WELD-974] - @Alternative @Specializes does not work
  • [WELD-1010] - @PreDestroy method invoked twice
  • [WELD-1013] - Disposer method parameters not validated

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