Release Notes - Weld - Version 1.1.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-575] - Definition/DeploymentExceptions thrown by an AnnotationModel are wrapped by a ComputationException
  • [WELD-594] - StartMain should support shutdown
  • [WELD-919] - Conversation propagation token that negates the "cid" parameter
  • [WELD-945] - Use ThreadLocal cache in proxies to improve performance


  • [WELD-707] - Intercepted bean method notifyAll() cannot be declared final
  • [WELD-744] - Interceptor and Decorator validation assumes that producer fields and methods will be public
  • [WELD-799] - Weld throws java.lang.IllegalStateException: Context is not active during stress testing at higher number of clients
  • [WELD-809] - NPE in ForwardingContextual.toString during session failover
  • [WELD-811] - Hierarchy injection is not working with external annotation type.
  • [WELD-818] - Interceptors won't work on base beans if there's at least double inheritance
  • [WELD-822] - WeldClassImpl.getDeclaredMethods() may ignore superclass methods if the hierarchy is deep
  • [WELD-824] - injection/initializer/observer inheritance broken on Beans registered through BBD.addAnnotatedType()
  • [WELD-834] - URLScanner can not handle paths containing spaces
  • [WELD-869] - Weld OSGi bundle reports version as ${parsedVersion.osgiVersion}
  • [WELD-876] - BeanXmlParser fails when woodstock is the underlying parser
  • [WELD-879] - Tomcat 7 container is identified as Tomcat 6
  • [WELD-880] - CNFEs for Seam 3 optional dependencies on AS 7
  • [WELD-881] - Duplicate interceptors in concrete parameterized subclasses
  • [WELD-882] - Interceptors do not get applied to super-super-* class' methods.
  • [WELD-886] - AbstractContext creationLock deadlock
  • [WELD-887] - Confusing exception message when Interceptor binding not provided
  • [WELD-888] - Interceptors not resolvable from a WAR-module which is part of an EAR-deployment
  • [WELD-897] - java.lang.ClassFormatError: Illegal classname
  • [WELD-906] - Jetty 7.2+ container incorrectly identified as Jetty 7 container
  • [WELD-907] - bean-lookup issue in Context#get(Contextual, CreationalContext)
  • [WELD-913] - SeamApplicationWrapper doesn't implement setApplication() correctly
  • [WELD-915] - NPE at org.jboss.weld.util.Beans.mergeInQualifiers(
  • [WELD-925] - It is impossible to Veto a session bean
  • [WELD-928] - Weld should log failure to load a class at a higher level than DEBUG
  • [WELD-934] - Weld servlet should not crash when booting in GWT dev hosted mode
  • [WELD-936] - Unsatisfied resolution for @Observes(during=TransactionPhase.AFTER_COMPLETION)
  • [WELD-938] - Remove log4j.xml from weld-se-core


  • [WELD-780] - Place beans.xml under WEB-INF instead of WEB-INF/classes/META-INF in jsf/permalink example
  • [WELD-849] - Change vendor from to Red Hat for Weld artifacts
  • [WELD-851] - Upgrade to findbugs-maven-plugin 2.3.2 when available
  • [WELD-901] - config change: handle upgrade to Zanata 1.3


  • [WELD-914] - WARN if beans.xml is missing in standalone mode.
  • [WELD-941] - Log stacktrace following "WELD-000119 Not generating any bean definitions" at TRACE level.

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