Release Notes - Errai - Version 4.0.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-590] - Refactor BootstrapperImpl to make dev performance scalable for large applications
  • [ERRAI-682] - Qualifiers with members on events
  • [ERRAI-857] - Advanced CDI Event Support
  • [ERRAI-875] - Make BindableProxyAgent.propertyTypes publicly available.
  • [ERRAI-884] - ClientMessageBusImpl catches exceptions in MessageCallbacks, preventing @UncaughtException Handing
  • [ERRAI-887] - Enhance EmbeddedWildFlyLauncher to allow use of different server profiles
  • [ERRAI-917] - Getting NPE when CDI Event is firing


  • [ERRAI-868] - Unsafe JAXRS proxy codegeneration for @QueryParam of List<String> or Set<String> types
  • [ERRAI-883] - Custom Type qualifier not working with @DataField in constructor injection
  • [ERRAI-889] - Errai Navigation Removes Leading Slash from Paths
  • [ERRAI-891] - 4.0 issues w/ @JsType
  • [ERRAI-906] - Instance<T> injections returns an empty set
  • [ERRAI-907] - Uncaught Exception seems to be thrown in StackTraceFormatter
  • [ERRAI-913] - @RestrictedAccess(roles = "basic") does not work on elements
  • [ERRAI-915] - CdiErraiWebSocketChannel leaves WELD request scope activated


  • [ERRAI-850] - Make @ApplicationScoped more CDI-compliant.
  • [ERRAI-851] - Add support for @Startup.
  • [ERRAI-916] - Respect surefire's -DskipTests property

Quality Risk

  • [ERRAI-846] - errai.compile.perf.perform_reachability_analysis is not documented yet warning/error generated

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