Release Notes - Errai - Version 3.0.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-589] - Explore using GWT's incremental generator for the MarshallerFactoryImpl


  • [ERRAI-754] - Broken pipe on logout on WildFly 8
  • [ERRAI-769] - Less variable import fails
  • [ERRAI-772] - Backoff logic doesn't work for SSE
  • [ERRAI-773] - Errai JAX-RS does not set domain for @CookieParams
  • [ERRAI-779] - Errai UI Template fails to load some template fragments with no specified root on GWT 2.6.1
  • [ERRAI-782] - ContextualProviderInjector NPE for classes without generic


  • [ERRAI-774] - Add SuperDevMode instructions to tutorial and reference guide

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