Release Notes - Errai - Version 3.0.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-714] - Generate Unit and Integration Tests with Errai Forge Addon
  • [ERRAI-718] - Compile time enforcement of navigation to page roles
  • [ERRAI-737] - Page Navigation should be confirmable


  • [ERRAI-738] - CORS support in google chrome 34+
  • [ERRAI-741] - Incorrect code generation in case of write-only properties and getXxx(String v) with parameters.
  • [ERRAI-743] - Less parsing fails with multiple imports
  • [ERRAI-745] - Bean validation for collections of bindable types fail when elements are proxies
  • [ERRAI-747] - IOC container reports unresolvable bean with injection cycle involving interfaces on both ends
  • [ERRAI-750] - CDI event dispatcher on Wildfly throws class cast exception
  • [ERRAI-752] - User cookies sent from a Jetty server demarshall as String instead of UserImpl


  • [ERRAI-730] - Remove tmp package from Errai Security after new PicketLink release
  • [ERRAI-735] - Upgrade to JBoss Integration Platform Parent and BOM 6.0.0.Final


  • [ERRAI-694] - Make gwt-maven configuration responsive to warSourceDirectory
  • [ERRAI-744] - Add navigation error callback
  • [ERRAI-746] - Errai marshalling causes compile errors with latest GWT 2.7 SNAPSHOT
  • [ERRAI-753] - Fix IOC bean creation ordering issue between ClientSyncManager and beans with Sync annotation

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