Release Notes - Errai - Version 3.0.0.M2 - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [ERRAI-618] - @Service discovery has two entirely separate implementations


  • [ERRAI-277] - IOC bootstrapping fails when proxied classes invoke public methods in their constructor
  • [ERRAI-472] - @PageShowing should not be called until after @AfterInitialization
  • [ERRAI-542] - Support enable/disable for TransitionAnchor
  • [ERRAI-545] - Use Logger for MessageDeliveryFailure Exception
  • [ERRAI-561] - Need a way to automatically "RootPanel.get().add(navigation.getContentPanel())"
  • [ERRAI-652] - Improve Error Message from server-side Marshaller
  • [ERRAI-653] - Support custom provider of content panel for Navigation UI
  • [ERRAI-654] - [errai-codegen] Specifying class comment though ClassBuilder
  • [ERRAI-658] - Errai UI should not inherit Errai CDI

Feature Request

  • [ERRAI-347] - Support blacklisting of client packages in Errai IOC
  • [ERRAI-516] - Cannot transition to other page from the @PageShowing method
  • [ERRAI-538] - Global Error Handler to catch uncaught exceptions
  • [ERRAI-558] - enable less css to use gwt css variables
  • [ERRAI-583] - Use flow panel rather than VerticalPanel in ListWidget
  • [ERRAI-596] - Marshaller generator fails on non-public getter methods
  • [ERRAI-626] - Support for wildcards and cascading when registering property change handlers
  • [ERRAI-645] - Entity Inheritance Not working with Errai JPA
  • [ERRAI-649] - Add client only CDI event support
  • [ERRAI-695] - Errai CDI should not depend on Weld to be deployable to other CDI containers


  • [ERRAI-340] - org.jboss.errai.ioc.rebind.ioc.exception.UnsatisfiedDependenciesException with Qalifiers and inheritance
  • [ERRAI-401] - CDI events fired on the client are implicitly conversational when received on the server
  • [ERRAI-549] - example "errai-jpa-demo-grocery-list" - NullPointerException on the page "ItemListPage"
  • [ERRAI-552] - "Store name" search box is no longer linked to map location
  • [ERRAI-571] - Document transitive dependencies of Errai Navigation on Errai CDI
  • [ERRAI-593] - CodeGen error with @InterceptedCall on methods with primitive or boxed @PathParams
  • [ERRAI-597] - IOC fails for inherited @Templated beans that are not marked as @Dependent
  • [ERRAI-598] - IOC fails when 2 or more @Pages have the same @Templated parent class
  • [ERRAI-599] - Client side CDI module cannot be used without the server side weld integration module
  • [ERRAI-610] - ApplicationScoped UI components are not being translated when language is switched
  • [ERRAI-619] - @Command methods do not work properly when using ErraiCDI
  • [ERRAI-640] - [errai-codegen] StatementBuilder.loadVariable() doesn't work with fields from super classes with reduced visiblity
  • [ERRAI-642] - @Service methods are not discovered when in enclosing @Service classes
  • [ERRAI-643] - BindableProxyAgent.syncState must use converter when setting model's property value in InitialState.FROM_UI mode.
  • [ERRAI-650] - CDI issue after server side timeout due to system sleep
  • [ERRAI-651] - Errai UI has become a server-side dependency, but should be client-only
  • [ERRAI-656] - [Errai][WARN][org.jboss.weld.Bean] An InjectionTarget is created for a class org.jboss.errai.bus.server.service.ErraiServiceImpl which does not have any appropriate constructor.
  • [ERRAI-657] - [Errai][WARN][org.jboss.weld.Validator] WELD-001473: javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Bean implementation org.jboss.errai.cdi.server.ErraiServiceBean@147cd00a declared a normal scope but does not implement javax.enterprise.inject.spi.PassivationCapable.
  • [ERRAI-661] - PropertyChangeHandlers not firing when root of property chain changes
  • [ERRAI-663] - ErraiBus lifecycle does no longer behave according to documentation
  • [ERRAI-664] - Missing support for hiding classes from Errai IOC
  • [ERRAI-666] - RPC error reporting does not display additional details sent from server
  • [ERRAI-667] - Dynamically adding client side observers for server side events does not work with WildFly 8.Beta1


  • [ERRAI-449] - Remove or test-and-document ConversationalEvent[Impl]
  • [ERRAI-523] - All demos must be standalone projects (must not inherit from a parent pom)
  • [ERRAI-534] - Clean up netty dependencies

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