Release Notes - GateIn Portal - Version 3.8.0.Beta01 - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [GTNPORTAL-2428] - Create navigation node pointing on external URI
  • [GTNPORTAL-2662] - Impersonation in GateIn
  • [GTNPORTAL-3328] - Automatic way to update all sites at once (Portal, groups and user sites)
  • [GTNPORTAL-3369] - Add Public Render Parameter support at URL level
  • [GTNPORTAL-3370] - Add a function to completely hide a page using check-box and date-control
  • [GTNPORTAL-3402] - Allow customers to customize login validation and accounts expiration
  • [GTNPORTAL-3416] - UI error message instead of HTTP400 when trying to impersonate twice
  • [GTNPORTAL-3419] - Update GateIn to WSRP 2.2.12.Final
  • [GTNPORTAL-3432] - Cleanup of JBoss profiles


  • [GTNPORTAL-3245] - Add comfriming when user remove permissions on edit page & site
  • [GTNPORTAL-3368] - CDI Portlet Deployment is not working anymore in latest master
  • [GTNPORTAL-3395] - Eliminate warning ISPN000190: Use of the 'loader' element...
  • [GTNPORTAL-3399] - InvalidNameException when disabled-user login with oauth
  • [GTNPORTAL-3400] - Multibyte character issues in Dashboard tab name
  • [GTNPORTAL-3415] - URL query parameters are lost in the authentication process with LegacyRequestHandler
  • [GTNPORTAL-3425] - Error UI in Page Editor with PBR+Richfaces app
  • [GTNPORTAL-3426] - CDI portlet throws an exception during deployment
  • [GTNPORTAL-3436] - Should not encode ampersand (&) in src attribute of html script tag


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