Release Notes - Savara - Version 2.1.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [SAVARA-339] - Enable the BPMN2 model to be transformed to and from JSON
  • [SAVARA-342] - Update generated Java switchyard descriptor to include component
  • [SAVARA-355] - Allow user to define namespace when deriving architecture/design artifacts from scenarios
  • [SAVARA-356] - Change WSDL generation to use wsdl:import for importing schema

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-341] - Generate complete and correct SwitchYard bpel-service
  • [SAVARA-348] - Generate BPMN2 choreography from endpoint models
  • [SAVARA-354] - Switchyard role simulator
  • [SAVARA-358] - Create Switchyard java bean transformation entries and fault transformers


  • [SAVARA-343] - Problem generatiing BPMN2 froma CDM model in Savara 2
  • [SAVARA-345] - Repositioning of introduces statements was not taking into account if the behaviour associated with the introduced role was in a sub-protocol
  • [SAVARA-347] - Generating switchyard services from BPMN2 choreo derived from scenarios, does not have access to xsd
  • [SAVARA-349] - BPEL parsing is missing the 'introduces' statements
  • [SAVARA-350] - Local protocols generated from set of BPEL processes fail to be aggregated
  • [SAVARA-352] - BPMN generation from CDM giving NULLException message
  • [SAVARA-353] - Multiple folder getting created for BPMN2 files for single choregraphy


  • [SAVARA-338] - Separate BPMN2 model from other BPMN2 related processing (generator, parser, etc)
  • [SAVARA-361] - Update Switchyard BPEL generated descriptor to define required references

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