Release Notes - Savara - Version 2.0.0.M5 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-254] - Derive activity correlation information from CDM based Activity Analyser
  • [SAVARA-259] - Switchyard BPEL project generation


  • [SAVARA-261] - Message property bundles not being located in Eclipse tool plugins
  • [SAVARA-262] - NPE when parsing an empty sub-choreography (cdm) into a protocol


  • [SAVARA-252] - Update activity schema based on aspects of TPTP event schema
  • [SAVARA-253] - Create unit tests for CDM based activity analyser
  • [SAVARA-257] - Update based on protocol model changes for version 1 of the Protocol syntax


  • [SAVARA-210] - Using smartGWT and GWT-P as the framework.
  • [SAVARA-222] - Add server module for publishing activity service as restful service.

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