Release Notes - Savara - Version 2.1.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [SAVARA-263] - CDM protocol parser needs to define the 'from' field in a run clause
  • [SAVARA-319] - Run at role needs to be defined for CDL parser
  • [SAVARA-332] - Add Type namespace details in protocols derived from scenarios and aggregated from local to global protocols
  • [SAVARA-333] - Generate import elements within BPMN2 choreography based on the Type annotations

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-295] - Generate a stateless representation of a protocol
  • [SAVARA-305] - Generate BPMN2 choreo and process models from set of scenarios
  • [SAVARA-312] - Display protocol validation issues as Eclipse markers
  • [SAVARA-322] - BPMN2 process model generation - provide option to generate synchronous invocations as service task rather than send/receive tasks (with choice for faults)


  • [SAVARA-304] - Adding service interface to BPMN2 model with repetition causes stack overflow
  • [SAVARA-313] - Introduces statements are generated from CDM in an unconnected order
  • [SAVARA-314] - Top level protocol generated from CDM does not always have a role parameter
  • [SAVARA-316] - CDL choreography parser causes 'choice ambiguity' validation error when choice contains a normal and fault response
  • [SAVARA-320] - BPMN2 process model derived from scenarios has operations with requests that should be responses on an operation in another interface
  • [SAVARA-323] - QA simulate CDM test is failing on the number of events processed
  • [SAVARA-334] - Type namespace prefixes not correctly parsed from BPMN2 choreography, when default namespace is used


  • [SAVARA-38] - Bi-directional mapping between WS-CDL and BPMN2
  • [SAVARA-179] - BPMN2 Support
  • [SAVARA-296] - Display 'no service interfaces' error if cannot generate from BPMN2 choreography
  • [SAVARA-306] - Refactor Java generation support into common bundle
  • [SAVARA-317] - Document Eclipse validation property
  • [SAVARA-318] - Update documentation related to scenario simulation regarding role validation and simulation logs
  • [SAVARA-328] - If switchyard tools not installed, then don't include switchyard (java) in the list of generators
  • [SAVARA-329] - Add correlation details to scribble protocols generated by processing scenarios
  • [SAVARA-330] - Define interface details in protocol derived from scenarios
  • [SAVARA-335] - Add support for aggregating repeat constructs between local models into a global model
  • [SAVARA-336] - Repetition detection only currently works in local model aggregation when there is a single action following the repeat


  • [SAVARA-183] - Scribble global model to BPMN2 choreography model conversion
  • [SAVARA-269] - Switchyard Java Bean service generation

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