Release Notes - Savara - Version 2.0.0.M2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-122] - WSDL generation should only include XML Schemas that the WSDL uses.
  • [SAVARA-144] - Enhance BPEL Generation variable creation to support CDL variables
  • [SAVARA-145] - InformationTypes specifying Type result in invalid doc / lit WSDLs
  • [SAVARA-149] - Action validation framework
  • [SAVARA-155] - Generate additional projects and services from Choreography model
  • [SAVARA-194] - Simulator service API and and manager


  • [SAVARA-195] - Elapsed time event not displayed correctly in new scenario editor


  • [SAVARA-123] - Should not generate a BPEL process for a client participant
  • [SAVARA-173] - Scenario schema needs to handle multiple message parameters (types and values)
  • [SAVARA-177] - Check if pre-emptive plugin start, from BPEL tools plugin, is required
  • [SAVARA-190] - Remove BPMN1 dependencies from the Eclipse update site
  • [SAVARA-192] - Make scenario and scenario editor choreography format agnostic
  • [SAVARA-196] - Edit parameter button for scenario messages
  • [SAVARA-198] - Parameters created on the scenario link are not recorded against the receive event
  • [SAVARA-199] - pi4soa service monitor implementation of the simulator API
  • [SAVARA-200] - Simulation Eclipse dialog to trigger simulation through the new API

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