Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.2.0.CR2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-253] - Business Activity Monitoring support
  • [RIFTSAW-282] - Active, Retire doesn't work well in clustering environment.


  • [RIFTSAW-238] - Undeploying active process unpublishes webservice, even when retired processes still exist with active instances
  • [RIFTSAW-252] - SimpleScheduler job exception
  • [RIFTSAW-286] - riftsaw couldn't build with maven3.0.1+ mac os
  • [RIFTSAW-312] - xsd boolean element is handled as xsd string in if conditions.
  • [RIFTSAW-316] - NPE on response from WSDL service with multiple ports
  • [RIFTSAW-326] - Cannot copy from a partnerLink EPR


  • [RIFTSAW-198] - Making Cron scheduler clusterable
  • [RIFTSAW-248] - make riftsaw-ode uses the jpa-hibernate as default dao provider.
  • [RIFTSAW-257] - When deploying the CXF stack to JBossWS, update spring version to be consistent with JBossESB
  • [RIFTSAW-297] - Remove the juddi-client 3.0.4-SNAPSHOT dependency before release
  • [RIFTSAW-321] - Document how to safely undeploy processes
  • [RIFTSAW-322] - Document how to change soap:address is deployed WSDL

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